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Machine learning and artificial intelligence
All templates are based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, and they incorporate intelligent features that will help you to bring your site to the world wide web.

Sensitive Web Design
The Templates support a responsive web site design (RWD), meaning that your website will show up perfectly and on any device, you will not run into any restrictions on Apple devices, Android devices, Blackberry, Windows phones, large monitors, small tablets, large tablets, computers, and so on.

Our own Know How
All of our templates use our long-standing Know-how to give them unique features and opportunities that you will never find in competing templates. Be it a proven design, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in relation to search services like Google and others who love our templates. All of our templates on all sites also regularly index our unique indexing robot, which then passes the data to the largest indexing services and automatically takes the promotion of all websites with our templates!

Browser compatibility
The templates support Edge and Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, mobile browsers (sensitive design) and all other standard compatible web browsers.

All templates are fully optimized for SEO and SEM to help you find the best search engine rankings and thousands of potential customers.

CMS support templates support design for WordPress topics including WooCommerce, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Blogger, PrestaShop, static HTML pages and more.

Widgets / Position / Region
Templates offers an advanced option to design and insert the required number of custom Widget areas including positions and regions, except for many automatic settings. You can choose names for new positions, and you can also rename existing ones.

Integration of social media
All templates support social services such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

HTML5 and CSS3
All templates support the latest HTML5 and CSS3 standards.

W3C validation templates fully comply with W3C Valid HTML and CSS standards, which guarantee completely flawless behavior on all major web browsers.

Future support and updates
All of the templates are guaranteed to be updated for the next period, so you will never fail to have a broken template. We also pay attention to the security that we are constantly improving and updating.

WordPress Framework
Templates have custom settings that allow you to edit site header, articles and content, social networking, header, footer, sidebar, widgets, colors, basic settings, advanced settings, shortcode, Google maps, contact form, SEO, error pages, Google Analytics, and more.